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The MySQL database hosting project that I posted here is an example of PriSec Projects. 

The PriSec Projects consists of the following attributes:

The goal of PriSec Projects was not to stop hackers from getting into the server but solving the root of data leakage(server has valuable data or metadata) by fulfilling the attributes above, essentially these projects will have post-data leakage security by its design from start. The service provider/server won't be able to follow the trend of big data or perform any data analysis work on their end. This series of projects will most likely have anonymous users and have special kind of account recovery.

A series of PriSecProjects that I had in mind:
1. PriSecFileStorage (started and have some progress)
2. PriSecDatabaseHosting (on hold until File Storage finished)
3. PriSecPay(Partially anonymization of sender and recipient on making/receiving payments) [on hold until able to find suitable users/clients through the 1st and 2nd project]

Any further information and updates will be make here if it's indeed a "PriSec" family.

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Posted (edited)

1. The PriSecFileStorage was licensed under "APGL-3.0"

This will be the source code that responsible for the PriSecFileStorage.

Client Application(C# Winform) (OS=Windows)

Server Application (ASP.Net Core) (Web API) (OS=Linux Ubuntu)

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