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Can we organize members' Monthly program?

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I seek sponsorship for this monthly program.

My idea is that, for the whole month, members will be working on the same project, and share their work by the end of month.

Example projects:

1) "Electronics" month

Members will be sponsored with let say, an Arduino board each, along with peripherals like sensor, motor or LED sticks, with instruction to download Arduino IDE so that we can code in C.

This can promote MCU programming among members and small community in Malaysia.

2) "Console" month

Everything related to Character or Terminal goes here.  Funny stuff like ASCII art, ANSI art, Unicode block characters, etc.   You name it!

3) .......


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Great idea! Tho I'm not sure if we'll have enough fund/sponsorship that can support all members who participates (eg each person an Arduino board). How about instead of everyone working on the same scope/project, we have all members come together and work on a same project but different scope? 


The project must be something useful for their portfolio, or a project that can earn the participants a mini passive income.


For example,

a) Build a mini ecommerce store that sells meme t-shirt. To add extra difficulty: Make it at least 90% automated so it can be classified as passive income (in terms of marketing, distribution etc etc).

b) Aggregate and sell stock market data. Eg. There are a lot of people who need to analyze the market and use it for technical analysis.

c) Build a startup idea of the participants.


Great suggestion as always! 🙂

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