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Creation of database hosting that uses privacy oriented security solutions

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This whole project must be using these 3 things which are zero access/knowledge encryption, as little metadata collection as possible and no MFA/Account Recovery feature.

If account recovery feature is really required, it won't compete with usual account recovery functions out there as this does not operates based on collecting public identity or does it works in the way which is similar to Google/Microsoft Authenticator.

This whole project will only be exists in client side application form where no web pages exists but API will exist.

This whole project will also be built on the fact that it provides maximum amount of privacy to what developer can able to provide.

For those who wanna join, make sure how layman's terms Diffie Hellman works, how symmetric encryption works, how asymmetric encryption works, how cryptographic digital signatures works and how to establish an ephemeral TLS for each of the client. Requirements will be know how to use libsodium and C#(mainly ASP.Net Core and .Net Framework) (If it has been matured, cross platform desktop applications could be done through ASP.Net Core by using Electron.Net)

If anyone here is interested in joining me in creating such database hosting or would like to see how such things can be coded do let me know.

Please treat it as hobby and an extra information rather than to earn money because to be honest even though it's my idea, I wasn't sure if this even has a market to begin with compare to other major big players out there. 

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