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Software Developers Survery 2021

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Recently I have done a Malaysian Software Developer survey. The goal is to see the type of tools and practices used by the local software developers. In the survey, it covers IDE, Programming Languages, test practices, etc.

We have gathered 90+ submissions. It is not the most comprehensive. As one can see, our submission is biased toward Android dev on the mobile side, not many .NET and Java developer, only one submission to embedded software developers. There’s duplicate of the category as well. But for the first time we are doing this, it is not bad.

We hope to do one more in 2022. 


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These are some of my humble opinion :

All items may sort by category - alphabet and CamelCase unless is shortform, with meaningful description.
CLI - Console Application
Web - PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
Web - Web Application

* not sure should these 2 web group as one, as more web app are modified to PWA.


For some category which might create confusion may need more description :
e.g. Cloud App - Web ? Mobile App ? Desktop App ?

For Languages, may be group by "Technology / Set / Usage", should treat all framework in same group :
ASP.NET - C# / F# / VB.NET
Javascript Engine - Node.JS, ArgularJS, ...JS
Javascript Web

If there is a "manual" rearrange / group for similar / same group will make the result more meaningful.



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