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Create your "Hello World" console app

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It is just 1024 bytes:



format PE console

include 'win32a.inc'

; no section defined - fasm will automatically create .flat section for both
; code and data, and set entry point at the beginning of this section

        invoke  GetStdHandle, -11
        invoke  WriteConsole, eax, _message,_len,_dummy, 0
        invoke  ExitProcess,0

_message db 'Welcome to kaki.GG',13,10,0
_len     = $-_message
_dummy   dd ?

; import data in the same section

data import

 library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL'

 import kernel32,\
        GetStdHandle, 'GetStdHandle', \
        WriteConsole, 'WriteConsoleA', \

end data                 

It calls several Win32 APIs:




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