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Welcome, welcome! Come in and register, and have some developer coffee. 👨‍💻 ×

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Nice to see this forum comes alive!

I wonder how can I set a username after signing up with Google account? (Not my real name)

And can I host an open-source project on here? I don't like GitHub so I choose elsewhere.

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5 minutes ago, Malkuth said:

Also I saw that you have been working on your own language and I find that to be awesome. Do share interesting stuff that you have to this forum too for other members here to see!

Thanks Boo, and enjoy your stay!

Sure, I will share it on here too, maybe in more organized way. I'm really glad that you find the Sambal compiler interesting.

My project code is not big, so I think I can upload it onto this forum.

Thank you Malkuth for your effort and time spent in creating this forum. 

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41 minutes ago, S. said:

Welcome to the forum @FlierMate! Why do you not like GitHub? 

Thanks for the warm greeting. Every time I updated my project files onto GitHub, there must be a few unknown Git clones happen, and it is unfriendly for me as we cannot interact like on forum (although GitHub has introduced optional Discussion board for every repository).

Moreover, my projects are not great, and it is too late for me to catch up those with hundreds of stars or forks. It makes me feel bad.

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