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PKI and Cryptography Keys Authenticity Problem

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Most of the time, we as a user would like to have both privacy and security. However.., as I dived into the surface of cryptography/security, it seems that there're some situations, it just doesn't work that way.

For example, PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) only works for issuing(keep it simple for now) web server's certificate, there're certain details as to why PKI works best for security but not privacy.

If PKI was not used, privacy of user can be guaranteed but it can't guarantee the security of user.

This is an ongoing problem with cryptography keys(public key cryptography system or PKCS for short) as by default they don't have an identifiable owner. I have written 1 document which briefly describes about PKI and why it can guarantee security but not privacy.

https://github.com/Chewhern/Security_Model/blob/main/PKI And Cryptography Keys Authenticity Problem.txt

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