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Would you build a gambling website for customer?

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I am not a professional web developer. If you are a professional web developer, you may not be interested in doing part-time job. But what if you are in need of money, perhaps just retrenched from office job, here comes the question, rather ethical one - Would you build a gambling website for money?

I have been offered few thousands ringgit to do a gambling website. While technically speaking, I am not good at it. But even if I had the skill, this will be a questionable project.

What's your opinion? There must be someone who is willing to do it, but how is everybody on Kaki.gg, a coder community leaning to Malaysia?




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This's a really tricky question. Perhaps to answer this question, you might need to ask yourself, what is the origin motive of even accepting the task or job to begin with? Is the motive comes from only wanting to get some income in this desperate age? What are your motives? If you have known your motives, question them. After question them, question your own willingness. This is an open objective based question and there's no absolute right or wrong.

You have to bear your own responsibility after accepting the request. Will you encounter such issues in future if you accept it now? Can you say no to accepting this request in future(similar to a person that takes addictive drug for the first time)?

Everything we do, thought, will always have a responsibility regardless of what you choose. The problem was, are we able to bear the responsibility towards our own actions?

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