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I built an online resume generator a few days ago, but it is semi-automatic.

The backend was done using PHP, and the frontend was done using Javascript. No library, no framework, except W3.CSS if you call it a CSS framework.

It is semi-automatic, means user needs to upload XML file containing resume particulars in order to get a public profile or online resume hosted on my web space.

You may look at https://blogs.w3spaces.com/resume.html for sample, but this one is static resume generator (manual), not the semi-automatic resume generator. However, you get the idea.

I am asking how could you build a fully automatic resume generator? Maybe let user uploads a resume in his own file format, then web app would generate the public profile accordingly? 

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Hi @Mussel, welcome to the forum!

There are a few things you can consider to create a fully automated resume generator:

1) Pull data from social media like LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter. This means you allow user to connect(login) to your website using social auth login. Not sure how much data you can retrieve from the APIs, but I'm pretty sure you can at least retrieve some of the basic data like name, age, dob, profile picture and location. This helps to prefill some of the basic data so they don't have to manually insert them.





2. With 1) implemented, you can store your users into a db (or even Google Sheet) and allow them to save their profile data.

3. With 2) implemented, you can now proceed to create a few templates a user can choose from. Note: The user won't even need to re-populate the fields in each resume template because you already have all the data.

4. Allow user to live preview their resume for each template so they can edit on the go 🙂 


Checkout https://www.resumemaker.online/ 


I think the harder part to this project is creating the templates. Users would love to pick from a variety of templates (and customize them).


Hope that helps!

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