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  1. Hi S. , actually Mussel is another account of mine. I thought I want to post freely without the Moderator tag. ๐Ÿ˜„ That resumemaker.online is killer app, users can type directly on the resume, which is impossible for me to do now and in the future. Thanks for the lengthly reply. You reply made sense.
  2. Example: (over the past 2 weeks)
  3. I think I saw that it has been forked. Nice. You check the download activity through repo Insights --> Traffic. 10 upvotes are good enough, I get downvotes for my QR generator and only 6 upvotes for my compiler project.
  4. Hi chrono, how is the response of your GitHub repo? Any clones or downloads activity? I hope all is well. As for me, too complicated for me to understand most part of your technique.
  5. I pick anything (freeware) that is FREE. In this computer era with multitude of software available, chances are someone is able to find free stuffs. While open-source is not essentially free, I notice most basic plan are free but once you go pro, it has to be paid. Android Play Store itself, for example, is closed-source, according to developers at Neverware. So people might want to strike a balance between basic (FREE) plan and pro (Paid) plan. Although I picked the first option, I am not against paid subscription, but at least the vendor must offer a free tier for education and home pu
  6. I am not a professional web developer. If you are a professional web developer, you may not be interested in doing part-time job. But what if you are in need of money, perhaps just retrenched from office job, here comes the question, rather ethical one - Would you build a gambling website for money? I have been offered few thousands ringgit to do a gambling website. While technically speaking, I am not good at it. But even if I had the skill, this will be a questionable project. What's your opinion? There must be someone who is willing to do it, but how is everybody on Kaki.gg, a cod
  7. They did have GitHub Codespaces, but I didn't know about Copilot. Cool stuff to check out.
  8. Can someone define the difference between "cybersecurity" and "reverse engineering"? Are malware analysts belong to the group of "cybersecurity" or "reverse engineering" or both? Are Malaysian companies capable in tackling the challenge in cybersecurity worldwide?
  9. Thank you for joining C# Club. Are you writing C# for desktop (WPF, CLI, WinForms etc) or web app (ASP.NET)?
  10. Linux x86 version of HEXVIEW is finally here! To run this ELF program, just open Terminal and type: ./HEXVIEW Remember to set the size of Terminal window to 132x24 so that it can fit nicely. HEXVIEW.tar.xz
  11. All you need are: index.html scripts.js styles.css RSS Feed URL File #1 - index.html File #2 - scripts.js Remember to customize the RSS Feed URL with your own! For Malaysian's the Sun Daily newspaper, these are the valid RSS Feeds: TITLE COPY URL TO YOUR RSS READER Highlights https://www.thesundaily.my/rss/home Local https://www.thesundaily.my/rss/local World
  12. Hey, I was thinking to join your company in the future if you need somebody for some sorts of help. Well, I am totally a beginner in encryption algorithm so I might need to learn cryptography if I were your staff. I took a quick glance last week that Intel CPUs actually have special instruction set to handle hashing and stuff like AES. Since I am quite OK in Assembly programming, I might as well take an in-depth look at that CPU extension....
  13. Good luck to your new venture. Mr Chew as a founder and the self-employed, has shown us strength in taking the initiative to start something cool- while most software houses are aiming at web and mobile dev, you offer solution of cryptography. At your young age, it needs courage to explore the market and professionalism to deliver services to clients. Perhaps you have heard of ransomware attack on a US oil & gas company last few months. The company paid billion of ransom in cryptocurrency in order to unlock the network and resume its business. US federal agency said unnamed group
  14. Thanks for sharing. Yeah, it is called P/Invoke in .NET. Heh, we use DllImport in C#. It is necessary to use .dll if the features we want are not available right away. For example, I have posted .dll written in ASM on how to detect CPU family and certain extension (e.g. AVX, SSE, MMX), so that HLL could use them. You're right , we are not expert so there is concern to implement the encryption on our own. I always think cryptography is particularily the responsibility and field of expertise of western countries. All in all, it is a good start for you, Mr Chew. Not forgotte
  15. Wow @chrono_legionnaire, you've just started your own IT software firm? I cherish your contribution to the IT community and beyond!
  16. But now I am on honeymoon (No Windows, no coding) ๐Ÿ˜œ I am thinking of another fun project: Write code on the cloud, and compile on the fly and download as native Windows app... Using my Sambal compiler engine. What do you think? It is really for fun, nothing productive and has no real-world application. The website would be written in PHP, given a multi-line textbox for users to write code, then a button to compile & download as EXE. Sounds cool? Aha, also a preview of generated machine /mnemonic code on the webpage.
  17. You can then become senior software engineer. As for me, I am counting my days until retirement.๐Ÿคจ
  18. Indonesian tech company is hiring coders with maximal age 29! I am stunned.
  19. It is really nice! Thanks for the great artwork. It would be fun to have Tarsier's emoji pack! Your last pic background has 0's and 1's which is very relevant to coding.
  20. This is a Malaysian coder's web site: https://www.kingkingyyk.com/ It appears to me the website is self-hosted on Raspberry Pi. !
  21. His name is Alan, a senior software developer in the USA. https://www.icemanind.com/ Looks like he created the web page by himself. What do you guys think?
  22. Yes, I think can call it passphrases as well. I remember one user said Maybank staffs use password that takes 15 seconds to type. So a password which needs 15 seconds to type possibly is (15x3) 45 characters long.... Wow. The following chart is for everyone's reference: (The estimated time taken to succeed in password search attack, depending on password length)
  23. Google Cloud is huge. Bug report like this will help fortifying the Google's Network.
  24. I seek sponsorship for this monthly program. My idea is that, for the whole month, members will be working on the same project, and share their work by the end of month. Example projects: 1) "Electronics" month Members will be sponsored with let say, an Arduino board each, along with peripherals like sensor, motor or LED sticks, with instruction to download Arduino IDE so that we can code in C. This can promote MCU programming among members and small community in Malaysia. 2) "Console" month Everything related to Character or Terminal goes here. Funny stuff
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