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  1. But now I am on honeymoon (No Windows, no coding) ๐Ÿ˜œ I am thinking of another fun project: Write code on the cloud, and compile on the fly and download as native Windows app... Using my Sambal compiler engine. What do you think? It is really for fun, nothing productive and has no real-world application. The website would be written in PHP, given a multi-line textbox for users to write code, then a button to compile & download as EXE. Sounds cool? Aha, also a preview of generated machine /mnemonic code on the webpage.
  2. You can then become senior software engineer. As for me, I am counting my days until retirement.๐Ÿคจ
  3. Indonesian tech company is hiring coders with maximal age 29! I am stunned.
  4. It is really nice! Thanks for the great artwork. It would be fun to have Tarsier's emoji pack! Your last pic background has 0's and 1's which is very relevant to coding.
  5. Yeah, Android Studio is a very heavy tool, I recall it took about more than 20 minutes to build on my 4GB-RAM PC. I have heard of B4X but if I am not mistaken, it still needs separate download of Android SDK? (Just like Xamarin and Delphi)
  6. This is a Malaysian coder's web site: https://www.kingkingyyk.com/ It appears to me the website is self-hosted on Raspberry Pi. !
  7. His name is Alan, a senior software developer in the USA. https://www.icemanind.com/ Looks like he created the web page by himself. What do you guys think?
  8. https://pagedout.institute/ Check this out, Paged Out 2019 and Paged Out 2020. It covers many subjects, from Android reverse engineering to tips and tricks in JavaScript. PagedOut_001_beta1-pages-18.pdf
  9. Yes, I think can call it passphrases as well. I remember one user said Maybank staffs use password that takes 15 seconds to type. So a password which needs 15 seconds to type possibly is (15x3) 45 characters long.... Wow. The following chart is for everyone's reference: (The estimated time taken to succeed in password search attack, depending on password length)
  10. Not yet tried Fasmg, although I am not sure what is it. Hah. Are you cikelem***** who I used to contact with? It is nice to hear progress from great people like you.
  11. To compile example Assembly code by me, please use FASM. How? Go to http://flatassembler.net/download.php Download flat assembler x.xx.xx for Windows Extract to folder C:\FASM Run FASMW.exe Paste the example code in text editor Save as .ASM file Click Run, and Compile
  12. I solved it myself, hah. The following code can read file up to 2^32 / 2 (2GB) and dump it on screen or redirect to another file. It accepts command-line input filename. Usage: DUMPFILE readme.txt DUMPFILE readme.txt > dump.txt Full source to be compiled with FASM. MIT license apply. ; Open File and Read File (Extended Version with Command Line File Name Support) ; ; DUMPFILE.ASM ; Copyright (C) 2021 Boo Khan Ming ; ; MIT license apply ; format PE console entry start include 'win32a.inc' section '.data' readable writable _message1 db 'INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE',13,10,0
  13. Google Cloud is huge. Bug report like this will help fortifying the Google's Network.
  14. I seek sponsorship for this monthly program. My idea is that, for the whole month, members will be working on the same project, and share their work by the end of month. Example projects: 1) "Electronics" month Members will be sponsored with let say, an Arduino board each, along with peripherals like sensor, motor or LED sticks, with instruction to download Arduino IDE so that we can code in C. This can promote MCU programming among members and small community in Malaysia. 2) "Console" month Everything related to Character or Terminal goes here. Funny stuff
  15. Yes. And for anyone who is interested to buy electronic kits such as Arduino board locally, here it is: https://my.cytron.io/ Last time I checked Arduino Uno ATmega328P only sold at RM 20 ++, which is cheap, if I am not totally mistaken.๐Ÿ˜… My example project last year, an audio visualizer (connected to Windows sound):
  16. FlierMate


    Thank you for answering tough question. ๐Ÿ˜„ You actually wrote your own web app framework which is very nice! While I am not familiar with most of web development tools, I can understand why you are doing many things randomly, which is good for fast learner and someone who is curious about technology.
  17. Thank you for telling me this, I almost forgot web server and web client are different concepts than the one I familiar with - native Windows app development. No wonder the PhpSysInfo cannot display client's PC info.
  18. Thank you @Malkuth, I should have named them as Pixel Art..... I am glad it brings visual pleasure to you, haha, nothing technical, just reduce the color depth and makes each pixel bigger only.
  19. This is very neat! I can guess: if (input file), of (output file) bs=(base size?). I know Powershell is powerful, but I will still stick to CMD.exe. Oh, WSL, Windows Subsystem Linux..... long heard people talking about it.
  20. I am happy future generation can trace back KAKI.GG to May 1, 2021! Yeah. I actually manually save some of the pages to Wayback Machine.
  21. static int SimplifyColorComponent(int Value) { if (Value >= 52) return 63; else if (Value >= 32) return 42; else if (Value >= 12) return 21; return 0; } static byte DecreaseColor256(byte Red, byte Green, byte Blue) { byte[,] Palette16 = new byte[16,3] { {0, 0, 0 }, {0, 0, 42 }, {0, 42, 0 }, {0, 42, 42 }, { 42, 0, 0 }, {42, 0, 42}, {42, 42, 0}, {42, 42, 42}, { 0, 0, 21}, {0, 0, 63}, {0, 42, 21}, {0, 42, 63}, { 42, 0, 21}, { 42, 0, 63}, { 42, 42, 21}, { 42, 4
  22. This is the C# version of my original code written in Pascal back in 1999. It uses Nearest Color Match approach by looking up 16-color Palette.
  23. Original Image Digitized Image
  24. Original Image Digitized Image:
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