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  1. Thanks for your interest. https://www.iverson.com.my/training/cyber-security/cyber-security-fundamentals/ec-council-certified-security-specialist-v9.html https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/certified-security-specialist-ecss/
  2. Chrono, were you an InfoSec student? I am starting to love your explanation. I set my goal to become security specialist one day (in fact, the course duration is 5 days only, but costs RM 5000++). I think your open-source project fits nicely in Cybersecurity subforum, do you think so? You mentioned social engineering and PKI (cryptography?), which is to be studied in the CSS(Certified Security Specialist) course as well.
  3. I am watching this thread. If the conversation can make the forum merrier, why not?
  4. https://github.com/khanming/Pipit What is Pipit? Pipit is a new but simple programming language designed for Linux x64. The compiler itself was written in Pascal. Why another programming language? It was a byproduct while the author was learning ELF64 binary file format and Linux system programming. Moreover, Pipit is not a fully-fledged programming language, it is an experimental back-end compiler which accepts two I/O commands only. How to use Pipit? For Ubuntu and Debian, please enable permission to execute: CODE chmod u=rwx,g=rx,o=rx pipit For Chro
  5. I also recommend Steve Ngai, a KL-based software engineer with its homepage. http://www.findingsteve.net/
  6. Hi guys and gals, Flare-On Challenge 2021 is going to start on 11th Sep 2021 very soon. Does anyone want to participate?
  7. Looks like your PriSecDBAPI was quite popular given the number of downloads, but it is intriguing that people viewing your PriSecFileStorageClientApplication did not download copies of your repo.
  8. I built an online resume generator a few days ago, but it is semi-automatic. The backend was done using PHP, and the frontend was done using Javascript. No library, no framework, except W3.CSS if you call it a CSS framework. It is semi-automatic, means user needs to upload XML file containing resume particulars in order to get a public profile or online resume hosted on my web space. You may look at https://blogs.w3spaces.com/resume.html for sample, but this one is static resume generator (manual), not the semi-automatic resume generator. However, you get the idea. I am ask
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