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    I'm sorry but that's a difficult question to answer because I actually do many things randomly. But mostly, I wrote back-end stuff. Last month, I created my own web app framework and just before that I wrote a library to manage pool of nodejs worker_threads. And right now I am learning and polishing my knowledge on algorithms and Redis. Before these, I spent my time learning and writing webrtc application using nodejs and socket.io. And last week I was playing with Django framework. There were things that I didn't mention here but I think that's enough for now.😄
  2. after doing some code inspection using ff devtool hmm, :C.
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    koala is life ! 🐨 I was a back-end developer for 3 years in a local company in Malaysia and I'm currently unemployed. But, I'm going to join a financial institution soon as a programmer. Programming is indeed my hobby. 🐨
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    Hi I am nuna I love koalas I'm terrible at English sometimes. Please koalabear with it. Please help me in my journey to become a well koalafied coder 🐨
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