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  1. yes I am him. fasmg is intended to be the next generation of fasm from the same author. but instead it become another new assembler which has almost completely different from fasm. instead of targetting the x86/x86_64 arch or any other machine arch, it doesn't generate any particular machine arch code. thats why I prefer to call it a generic byte generator. with its powerful instructions, u can generate flexible syntax for the assembly language u want, i.e the whole x86/x86_64 instructions set is coded in fasmg own instruction, inside include files, not as part of fasmg itself. an
  2. have you tried fasmg? I'm just starting to refresh back my memories on fasm 1, fixing bugs and improving the pedump code for my personal use. maybe learning fasmg along the way. it's a very capable generic byte generator (as i call it). perhaps I will be writing few articles on assembly also, specifically on the executable file format (PE and the CLR extension, ELF, and java .class). hopefully time will be on my side.
  3. if on linux i would use dd dd if=/dev/urandom of=random.bin bs=1M count=1000 will create random.bin in current dir with size 1M*1000 bytes (M=1024) the command can be used from within WSL on WIndows 10 if it is installed. alternatively u can write a simple one liner powershell script to do the same.
  4. sorry. i couldn't resist. now a 193-bytes PDF that works on both! feels free to squeeze more bytes if u can. i'm outta here %PDF-. 1 0 obj<</Kids[<</Resources<<>>/Contents 2 0 R/Parent 1 0 R>>]>> 2 0 obj<<>>stream BT/ 9 Tf(Kaki.GG)' ET endstream 3 0 obj<</Pages 1 0 R>> trailer<</Info<</Author(Kaki.GG)>>/Root 3 0 R>> **of course all the non-conformance pdf presented in this topic will not work in all kind of reader/version. my test system is the latest version of acrobat reader dc and chrome/chromium ed
  5. Of course, tweaking from the 565-bytes and reduced more than half, here's a 275-bytes version, can be opened by both chrome and adobe : %PDF-1. 1 0 obj<</Kids[<</Resources<<>>/Contents 2 0 R/Parent 1 0 R/Type/Page/MediaBox[0 0 99 99]>>]/Type/Pages/Count 1>>endobj 2 0 obj<<>>stream BT/ 9 Tf(Kaki.GG)' ET endstream endobj 3 0 obj<</Type/Catalog/Pages 1 0 R>>endobj trailer<</Info<</Author(Kaki.GG)>>/Root 3 0 R>>
  6. %PDF-1. 1 0 obj<</Kids[<</Parent 1 0 R/Resources<<>>/Contents 2 0 R>>]>>endobj 2 0 obj<<>>stream BT/ 9 Tf(Kaki.GG)' ET endstream endobj trailer<</Root<</Pages 1 0 R>>/Info<</Author(Kaki.GG)>>>> The 193bytes PDF above can only be opened by Adobe Reader. It's based on StackOverflow's post.
  7. %PDF-1.4 1 0 obj<</Kids[2 0 R]/Type/Pages/Count 1>>endobj 2 0 obj<</Resources<</ProcSet 3 0 R>>/Contents 4 0 R/Parent 1 0 R/Type/Page/MediaBox [0 0 99 99]>>endobj 3 0 obj [/PDF/Text] endobj 4 0 obj<</Length 34>> stream BT /F1 8 Tf 0 91 Td (Kaki.GG)Tj ET endstream endobj 5 0 obj<</Type/Catalog/Pages 1 0 R>>endobj 6 0 obj<</Author (kaki.GG)>>endobj xref 0 7 0000000000 65535 f 0000000009 00000 n 0000000059 00000 n 0000000167 00000 n 0000000195 00000 n 0000000280 00000 n 0000000324 00000 n trailer<</Info 6
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    Just wanted to say hi, and there are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.
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