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  1. Google Form is a great tool to create forms quickly but, styling and customizing the form may be very limited. Thus, I decided to create a wrapper around the Google Form API by reversing the network. You can find it here Custom GForm - NPM. (Pssttt: It's only 13.7 kB in size) Here's a sample of how you can redesign your form with CSS. This library is meant for you if you: - want to create a form in your website but do not want to host a database just for this purpose. - embedded google form in your website but want to redesign it to match your theme/brand
  2. Sounds like a plan!! Do writeup your journey so we can follow you along the way 😍
  3. Means more extra time to build your fun projects! (laughs in excitement
  4. I guess my days as a software engineer now is...numbered...
  5. Aha there are a lot of ecom sites that does that. There are even plugins for that on Wordpress Woocommerce.
  6. Great idea! Tho I'm not sure if we'll have enough fund/sponsorship that can support all members who participates (eg each person an Arduino board). How about instead of everyone working on the same scope/project, we have all members come together and work on a same project but different scope? The project must be something useful for their portfolio, or a project that can earn the participants a mini passive income. For example, a) Build a mini ecommerce store that sells meme t-shirt. To add extra difficulty: Make it at least 90% automated so it can be classified
  7. Hi @FlierMate, where can I look for this link?
  8. S.


    Welcome to the forum koala!
  9. Hey that's a good idea. Curated list of all available tutorials!
  10. S.


    LOL nice one! Welcome to the forum, Chrono!
  11. Welcome to the forum @chrono_legionnaire =). Looks like you're well versed in cryptography and security. Enjoy your stay!
  12. Looking good my man!
  13. Welcome to the forum @najmynaim! How do I address you? 😄
  14. S.

    Path finding algorithm

    Thanks Flash, going to mark this as answer as the previous answer is in JavaScript.
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