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  1. Hi @Mussel, welcome to the forum! There are a few things you can consider to create a fully automated resume generator: 1) Pull data from social media like LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter. This means you allow user to connect(login) to your website using social auth login. Not sure how much data you can retrieve from the APIs, but I'm pretty sure you can at least retrieve some of the basic data like name, age, dob, profile picture and location. This helps to prefill some of the basic data so they don't have to manually insert them. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/linkedin/ https
  2. Has anyone registered for this yet? It "autocomplete" codes, and most importantly it supports various languages! I got my access a few days ago and managed to test it out a bit on Python and JavaScript. So far they seem quite convincing and work has been a bit more productive (less Googling for answers). Check it out here: https://copilot.github.com/
  3. Man, haven't been writing in C# for so long 🤔
  4. Google Form is a great tool to create forms quickly but, styling and customizing the form may be very limited. Thus, I decided to create a wrapper around the Google Form API by reversing the network. You can find it here Custom GForm - NPM. (Pssttt: It's only 13.7 kB in size) Here's a sample of how you can redesign your form with CSS. This library is meant for you if you: - want to create a form in your website but do not want to host a database just for this purpose. - embedded google form in your website but want to redesign it to match your theme/brand
  5. Sounds like a plan!! Do writeup your journey so we can follow you along the way 😍
  6. Means more extra time to build your fun projects! (laughs in excitement
  7. I guess my days as a software engineer now is...numbered...
  8. Aha there are a lot of ecom sites that does that. There are even plugins for that on Wordpress Woocommerce.
  9. Great idea! Tho I'm not sure if we'll have enough fund/sponsorship that can support all members who participates (eg each person an Arduino board). How about instead of everyone working on the same scope/project, we have all members come together and work on a same project but different scope? The project must be something useful for their portfolio, or a project that can earn the participants a mini passive income. For example, a) Build a mini ecommerce store that sells meme t-shirt. To add extra difficulty: Make it at least 90% automated so it can be classified
  10. Hi @FlierMate, where can I look for this link?
  11. S.


    Welcome to the forum koala!
  12. S.


    LOL nice one! Welcome to the forum, Chrono!
  13. Welcome to the forum @chrono_legionnaire =). Looks like you're well versed in cryptography and security. Enjoy your stay!
  14. Welcome to the forum @najmynaim! How do I address you? 😄
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