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  1. To build Android App, you need Android SDK. You may use existing downloaded Android SDK. B4X will "convert" vb code to java, so you need JDK (Oracle Java 8 or OpenJDK 11) to build your code. For example : Full details : https://www.b4x.com/b4a.html 🙂
  2. This remind me this android tutorial. https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/ IMHO, android studio is a very heavy tool. For vb lovers, b4x might be much preferred. https://www.b4x.com/ 😀
  3. PHP web site is "run" on web hosting server. It can get info of the hosting server easily. But PHP only "know" you / your computer from your browser. This could create security breach if your browser "tell the world" your computer settings ! There was an old method to do this, LOWEST your IE browser security level, and run ActiveX. This means everyone can put script on your computer and execute it. 💀
  4. For Computer - electronic projects, i highly recommend for Arduino and Raspberry PI, you may also choose pyboard or microbit. The design of the main board is stable, a lot of tutorial, module and example are available. http://donghao.org/2018/02/23/my-choice-between-raspberry-pi-arduino-pyboard-and-microbit/ 🙂
  5. flashang


    after reading reply from @FlierMate, a "ambiguous numeric format ..." message come out ... Did you mean: "0b10" "0d10" "0x10" 😅 😱
  6. When you login to a system, e.g. gmail, facebook, banking web site, ... the system will ask for username and password. The username could be your email, phone number, "username", IC, staff code, ... If a user forget their password and try do to a password recovery, system need to know "who" or technically "which account". so the system will ask "what is your username / email / phone / blah blah blah". and the "password recovery link with special key code" for recovery password will send to user "registered contact" which is either email or phone. without th
  7. For Account recovery feature, it should be done by machine (user send request, machine sent verify code, user enter verify code). No one shall interact with this process, and system shall not give any email / phone number except user himself / herself. (only when user call / email to support team, then they'll get the contact info) for MFA (most common are 2FA), the server which sent the verify code (sms / email), this feature shall be only access by process. This sms / email server should be one of the high sensitive server, which handle incoming / outgoing message.
  8. the easiest come out after reading this is to use preg to remove < anything include / > 🙂
  9. p/s : once you upload data on the Internet, you are facing the risk of data leaking. company who concern about ta security will setup their own servers, only access via VPN. only non critical / non core secret services on cloud. 🙂
  10. that's why some company spend a lot of money to maintain offline system which does not connect to network to handles sensitive data. other solution is to use internal database with encryption and user only permitted to access via middle way / stored procedures, with 'content level' permission. 🙂
  11. not sure what is the object type of pictureBox2, a simple working solution is use array of pictureBox. 🙂
  12. These are some of my humble opinion : All items may sort by category - alphabet and CamelCase unless is shortform, with meaningful description. e.g. CLI - Console Application Web - PWA (Progressive Web Apps) Web - Web Application * not sure should these 2 web group as one, as more web app are modified to PWA. For some category which might create confusion may need more description : e.g. Cloud App - Web ? Mobile App ? Desktop App ? For Languages, may be group by "Technology / Set / Usage", should treat all framework in same group : ASP.NET - C# / F# /
  13. flashang

    Path finding algorithm

    Try to do a simple compare. dataList = [ {"x1":36, "x2":73}, {"x1":83, "x2":121}, {"x1":39, "x2":77}, {"x1":87, "x2":125}, {"x1":59, "x2":96} ] def overlap( item, arr ): for x in arr : if item == x: continue # assume there is no duplicate in arr #1 a.x1 <= b.x1 <= a.x2 if item['x1'] <= x['x1'] and x['x1'] <= item['x2'] : print( item, ' is overlap with ', x , ' case 1' ) #1 a.x1 <= b.x2 <= a.x2 if item['x1'] <= x['x2'] and x['x2'] <= item['x2'] : print( item, ' is ov
  14. after do some search for "f09fa497" hugging face (U+1F917) you can just do a "convert" from "\\xF0\\x9F\\xA4\\x97" to "%F0%9F%A4%97" // reference // https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66868729/javascript-decode-hex-string-with-backslash function decode( code ) { var decode = decodeURIComponent( code.replace(/\\x/g, '%')); console.log( code ); console.log( decodeURIComponent( decode ) ); } function test() { var i = 0; var text = ""; var code = ""; for (i = 151; i <= 152; i++) { code = "\\xf0\\x9f\\xa4\\x" + i.toString
  15. I like coding. if programming language no keyword ? if if = then then then = else else else = if for for = to to next next 🙂
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