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  1. Oh this brings me back. Thanks a lot for sharing this. 😀
  2. Good article. Give it a read: https://maziz88.medium.com/practical-clean-code-variables-methods-classes-f470eeffb98e
  3. Haha awesome! Thanks. I do plan to keep this forum running for a long time. I hope that comes true and by that time the forum is bigger, and these will make the snapshot nostalgic.
  4. LOL this is hilarious 🤣
  5. Malkuth


    lol @ the joke. Welcome Chrono! Saw that you are a skilled developer. We welcome you very much and we hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. Malkuth


    I have used this before and it is awesome: https://www.serverless.com/ I use AWS and my particular use case was it can create a mock API Gateway locally which is awesome. Check it out!
  7. How's this? See the Pen ZELVEJr by Kaki.gg (@kaki-gg) on CodePen.
  8. Hi @chrono_legionnaire! Thanks for joining us. You have fascinating points that you have been thinking about. I think there's no better place to share your thoughts than with a community of like-minded individuals. Keep them coming! Very interesting skillset as well! Feel free to invite any of your friends and/or colleagues to this forum. Have a nice stay!
  9. This is an interesting challenge. Let's see if someone can beat your 1kb output (it's going to be hard 🤣)
  10. Regex is another good way to achieve this. Great answer!
  11. Hey! Thanks for joining. We have that in common! Feel free to see the content we have so far and even create yours. And more importantly, enjoy your stay!
  12. Yes I see, Unfortunately there's no comments feature other than just replying which will be considered as an answer. I may add in that feature soon if time permits.
  13. I think you can try to click the Quote button and reply.
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