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  2. Wow @chrono_legionnaire, you've just started your own IT software firm? I cherish your contribution to the IT community and beyond!
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  4. Perhaps that in most cases, people only know about Pre-Compromise Security which involves hiring tons of security experts to guard a server/network but it's not that effective against insider or skilled malicious hacker as data protection law or non disclosure agreement is likely not going to have a restraining effect on them. When people talk about post-compromise security, perhaps the first impression that people have in mind is that it's something based on cryptography. That's too narrow in my perspective. (For example, we if talk on WhatsApp and the server gets hacked, our messages
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  6. Google Form is a great tool to create forms quickly but, styling and customizing the form may be very limited. Thus, I decided to create a wrapper around the Google Form API by reversing the network. You can find it here Custom GForm - NPM. (Pssttt: It's only 13.7 kB in size) Here's a sample of how you can redesign your form with CSS. This library is meant for you if you: - want to create a form in your website but do not want to host a database just for this purpose. - embedded google form in your website but want to redesign it to match your theme/brand
  7. Usually, I will go for a flexbox method.
  8. Sounds like a plan!! Do writeup your journey so we can follow you along the way ๐Ÿ˜
  9. But now I am on honeymoon (No Windows, no coding) ๐Ÿ˜œ I am thinking of another fun project: Write code on the cloud, and compile on the fly and download as native Windows app... Using my Sambal compiler engine. What do you think? It is really for fun, nothing productive and has no real-world application. The website would be written in PHP, given a multi-line textbox for users to write code, then a button to compile & download as EXE. Sounds cool? Aha, also a preview of generated machine /mnemonic code on the webpage.
  10. Means more extra time to build your fun projects! (laughs in excitement
  11. You can then become senior software engineer. As for me, I am counting my days until retirement.๐Ÿคจ
  12. I guess my days as a software engineer now is...numbered...
  13. Indonesian tech company is hiring coders with maximal age 29! I am stunned.
  14. To build Android App, you need Android SDK. You may use existing downloaded Android SDK. B4X will "convert" vb code to java, so you need JDK (Oracle Java 8 or OpenJDK 11) to build your code. For example : Full details : https://www.b4x.com/b4a.html ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. It is really nice! Thanks for the great artwork. It would be fun to have Tarsier's emoji pack! Your last pic background has 0's and 1's which is very relevant to coding.
  16. Wondering what's that creature in Kaki.gg logo? Here's a short Instagram carousel that showcase the details of the logo!
  17. Unfortunately, I lost the file... Here's the colour scheme: Blue - #2674B0 Red - #FF0000
  18. Yeah, Android Studio is a very heavy tool, I recall it took about more than 20 minutes to build on my 4GB-RAM PC. I have heard of B4X but if I am not mistaken, it still needs separate download of Android SDK? (Just like Xamarin and Delphi)
  19. This remind me this android tutorial. https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/ IMHO, android studio is a very heavy tool. For vb lovers, b4x might be much preferred. https://www.b4x.com/ ๐Ÿ˜€
  20. The logic behind the respond and challenge login mechanism The steps required will be: 1. Users when they register in the system(online), they most likely will generate a digital signature keypair, the users will need to keep the digital signature keypair's secret key in a secret and secure way and then they will need to give their digital signature keypair public key to server. 2. When user intends to login, the server has to generate some random data in this case is random challenge through cryptographic secure way, through some forum, the random data or challenge minimum length is
  21. Maybe some people here will want to look at an example of how challenge and response login mechanism work(Cryptographic Digital Signature), if you are someone who installed Visual Studio and have .Net Framework installed in your Windows OS as well. You can have a look at my sample code that describes how can it be done. (In actual code, you have to determine which information is private and clear it safely & set a valid duration for the challenge that generated and sent by server) Here's the source code. Feel free to use it if you think that this login mechanism is generally b
  22. This is a Malaysian coder's web site: https://www.kingkingyyk.com/ It appears to me the website is self-hosted on Raspberry Pi. !
  23. His name is Alan, a senior software developer in the USA. https://www.icemanind.com/ Looks like he created the web page by himself. What do you guys think?
  24. 1. The PriSecFileStorage was licensed under "APGL-3.0" This will be the source code that responsible for the PriSecFileStorage. Client Application(C# Winform) (OS=Windows) https://github.com/Chewhern/PriSecFileStorageClientApplication Server Application (ASP.Net Core) (Web API) (OS=Linux Ubuntu) https://github.com/Chewhern/PriSecFileStorage
  25. https://pagedout.institute/ Check this out, Paged Out 2019 and Paged Out 2020. It covers many subjects, from Android reverse engineering to tips and tricks in JavaScript. PagedOut_001_beta1-pages-18.pdf
  26. The MySQL database hosting project that I posted here is an example of PriSec Projects. The PriSec Projects consists of the following attributes: The goal of PriSec Projects was not to stop hackers from getting into the server but solving the root of data leakage(server has valuable data or metadata) by fulfilling the attributes above, essentially these projects will have post-data leakage security by its design from start. The service provider/server won't be able to follow the trend of big data or perform any data analysis work on their end. This series of projects will most li
  27. This video is a follow up of what asymmetric encryption/symmetric encryption is. This is a video that describes what cryptography digital signature is.
  28. This may be an important follow up, as I recently found this online. This is what I proposed as an alternative to password. The passwordless login mechanism that I wrote in kaki.gg
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